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Certified Police K9 Trainer

Independent Private Dog Training:


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 - Service Dogs

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I obtained my CERTIFIED DOG TRAINER designation for training Personal/Family Pet Dogs through Animal Behavioral College in Southern California.  Through a combination of scholastic and hands on training from ABC, and in working with my husband, Philip Kaough of K.O. Dog Training (also a Certified Dog Trainer through ABC, as well as an AKC endorsed Canine Good Citizen Trainer & Evaluator) I gained a strong Positive Reinforcement foundation for teaching Basic Obedience in Puppies and Adult Dogs.  This also has been a foundation for working with dogs who have minor behavioral problems around the house and yard.  I am able to help owners who need assistance creating a happier home and relationship with the personal/family pet dog.   I am a Balanced Trainer, and I use Positive Reinforcement to teach new behaviors in all dogs.


I obtained my CERTIFIED POLICE K9 TRAINER designation for training Law Enforcement and other Working K9's through Highland Canine Training LLC School for Dog Trainers in North Carolina.  While I am qualified to work in the areas of Trailing and Apprehension and enjoy both, I work specifically in the area of  Scent Detection Training, which is my passion in Working and Police K9's.  Knowing a K9 is reliable in finding Source of Odor and giving a clear indication to the K9 Handler is imperative for successful work for the Law Enforcement Officer.  I offer Maintenance Training for the Single or Dual Purpose K9 & Handler in any frequency of training, as well as Problem Solving for the K9 & Handler whenever needed.   I can assist with Behavior Shaping, Strengthening Indications, Proofing, Skills Training, and even Re-Imprinting for the K9 if needed.   The handler is not the dog trainer, so I can step in to provide regular or occasional training to assist the K9/Handler team with required and/or desired maintenance training and problem solving.  Regular professional training for Detection K9's strengthens and improves effectiveness, and helps eliminate or solve problems with K9  performance.


My experience and training in this field allows me to also use Scent Detection and Trailing skills in other applications.   Dogs can be trained to detect ingredients in food for people with highly sensitive food allergies.  And Dogs can be trained for Trailing Autistic children who wander off and get lost.  Scent Detection and Trailing in dogs have a wide range of applications including Service Dog Tasks.

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While obtaining my professional designation to train Law Enforcement K9's, comprehensive skills were obtained in many areas pertaining to both Pet Dog and Working K9's.  A thorough understanding of more serious BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS was part of this training.  While many trainers will not work with difficult and aggressive dogs, I have a strong foundation and understanding of how to diagnose and treat the many types of Canine Behavior Problems and Aggression that exist.  Due to the combination of professional education as well as experience in the field, I am well equipped and enjoy working on both minor and more serious behavioral issues, in both Personal/Pet Dogs and Working K9's.

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I provide SERVICE DOG Obedience and Task Training for some psychological and physical disabilities.  It is important to assess your dog as being a good candidate for Service Dog work, and for your specific disability.  I can help assess your current puppy/dog, or help you choose a puppy for potential Service Dog training.  I teach Obedience Cues appropriate for the type of Service Dog needed, which are different in several ways from Basic Obedience Cues in Personal/Family Pet Dogs.   I effectively use Positive Reinforcement to teach all new obedience cues, as well as to shape and complete specific Tasks for your Service Dog or Service Dog in Training.   Choosing the right puppy or dog, teaching obedience appropriate for the type of service dog, teaching tasks to assist with the disability, and giving the dog lots of experience with public access (and a trainer who knows how to accomplish all of these things) makes for a very helpful dog for those who need them most.

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Certificate obtained in Police K9 field of Study with 480 higher education hours  (244 Class Hours & 236 Lab/Field Hours): Ethology, Applied Dog Behavior, Learning Theory & Principals, Application of Training Tools, Canine Behavior Problems, Business, Veterinary & Health Issues, Scent Discrimination Trailing, Canine Case Law, Police Canine Equipment, Training Detection Dogs, Criminal Apprehension & Bitework, Teaching K9 Handlers, Advanced Detection & Interdiction, Tactical Building Searches, Advanced Police K9 Training, SWAT K9 Concepts & Integration, and K9 Unit Supervision & Management.




If your dog is jumping, digging, counter surfing, barking, pottying in the house, pulling on walks, charging guests at the door, lunging at dogs or people, resource guarding, growling, nipping, and more, these problems are best addressed with a professional dog trainer.

Through Operant Conditioning Principles and Techniques, these behaviors can usually be reduced or eliminated. 


One of the hardest things about working on behavior problems with dogs is being able to accurately diagnose the cause of the behavioral problem.  Dogs who are Fear Aggressive can display some of the same behaviors as dogs who are Dominant Aggressive.   The saying "Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover" is quite true when working with aggression in dogs.  Knowing where the aggression comes from is paramount to being able to successfully train dogs, and their people, for reduced or eliminated aggressive behavior. There are many types of Canine Aggression, and most of them are treated very differently.  Don't assume your dog is afraid, territorial, or possessive.  It often takes time and careful observation by a professional dog trainer to get to the root of the problem and start working on a way to help. 


If your dog is very shy and you have found it difficult to bring him or her out of his or her shell, there are some confidence building exercises that may help your dog. 


Giving your dog a chance to blossom through a targeted treatment plan with a professional dog trainer may be your dog's best chance at a more enjoyable life with his or her family and other dogs. 


I can also help with any PUPPY TRAINING and GENERAL OBEDIENCE TRAINING for your new Puppy or Adult Dog.  While working on basic cues such as come, sit, down, stay, and loose leash walking, for your Puppy or Adult Dog, we can work on things like house training, crate training, jumping, leash pulling, etc.



While I work for the client in Training Programs of multiple sessions which vary in length, it is always helpful to know what the "per session" or "hourly" cost of training will be.  My "per session" rate is $90 and each session is approximately one hour.  Based upon the training location, travel may be charged in addition to the "per session" rate.  A common Training Program length is 6 sessions, at a cost of $540 (plus travel fees if applicable).  However, programs can be shorter or longer in duration, this is just a common example.


I do not provide "single sessions", as training goals always take more time than one training session.  However, after you have completed a Training Program, I am available for single sessions at the same "per session rate" in your prior program, even if there are future increases in cost. 


I do discount the per session rate for training programs of 9 or more sessions.  The longer the training program the more I am able to discount the rate. 


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Many people ask what it costs to train a Service Dog.  Service Dog Training varies greatly based on where the training starts (puppy or adult dog, and other variables) and what the owner needs the dog to do.   A puppy trained to be a Service Dog typically takes at least 12 months, and up to 18 months, based on the particular dog and the tasks to be performed.  Because there are many variables in Service Dog training, estimated costs range greatly, but are usually between $3,000 and $12,000. After assessing a dog for Service Dog Training, a much narrower estimate can be provided.

Please contact me via phone call, text, email, or fill out the online request form.  Our first step is to communicate a little bit about your dog and training needs. 

I offer a free consultation and there is no obligation to purchase a training program.


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