What Customers Have Said

Harriet- Scottish Terrier

"We have owned and trained several Scottish Terriers. Our newest, Harriet, was having behavioral issues we could not resolve. Time to call in the expert. We were lucky to find Michelle and have made a lot of progress! She is patient and understands why dogs do the things they do. We will continue to work with Michelle and would recommend her to anyone"  -

Ken and Sarah B., - San Clemente CA

Kona - Boxer Mix

""Michelle has helped us a lot and taught me how to work with our dog. We learned all common commands. Never thought my dog would do that. She also was not very good with other dogs and by our 4th visit she was able to walk and be around the certified service dog. Made me very happy. Michelle also made sure I was comfortable with all that we learned before we were all done with training. I wish our time didn't go so fast with training. It was a great experience, very happy with our progress. Thank you again Michelle" - Amber R., -  San Diego CA

Diggs - Siberian Husky/Shepard Mix

"At the age of 82, I rescued a 2 year old Siberian Husky/Shephard Mix. I've always loved dogs and have had dogs for most of my adult life, but was pretty sure I had bit off more than I could chews. I'm happy to report that after the last eight, one hour long sessions, Diggs and I are both happy with what we have accompolished. We both know that we have more work to do, but we already know we are making progress because we love what we're doing (and each other) more as each day goes by. We are definitely on the right path. My neighbors and others who I meet on the walks we take have also commented on the progress they have seen in the last couple of omonths. I recommend Michelle without reservation" -

Joyce S., - San Juan Capistrano CA

Lola - Golden Retrisver 

"I took my 10 month old golden retriever puppy Lola for basic training. It was great, she made so much progress and we had fun at the same time. Michelle is very knowledgeable and always reinforcing positive behavior. We loved our training experience." 

Rhonee G. - Mission Viejo, CA